Sweaty feet are preventable

sweaty feet

Sweaty feet are absolutely preventable. They are often caused by improper footwear made of synthetic materials, and carry a greatly increased risk of contracting athlete's foot. Sweaty feet also rapidly become stinky feet. Goodyear-welted shoes promise relief.

Sweaty feet are generally considered a taboo topic, although millions of Germans suffer from them. The grand majority of sweaty feet cases are preventable, since hyperhidrosis, or the clinical condition that causes sweaty feet, is relatively rare—hyperhidrosis affects less than one percent of all Germans. This condition is diagnosed when sweat glands in the foot produce more than 50 mg of liquid per foot, per minute. As such, this condition is far more extreme than your average sweaty feet. Moreover, the sweating experienced by hyperhidrosis pedis sufferers lies outside of their control, whereas typical cases of sweaty feet are wholly preventable.

Improper footwear causes sweaty feet

The culprit behind sweaty feet is usually improper footwear. Since low-quality shoes are not breathable and usually fit too tightly, they quickly cause feet to perspire. Later on, the unlucky wearer will embarrass himself when removing his shoes in front of others—he will leave behind damp footprints on tiled floors, and the room will fill with the unpleasant smell coming from inside his shoes. After all, sweaty feet are basically equivalent to stinky feet. It is rare for feet to produce an unpleasant odor on their own—synthetic shoes and socks are far more likely to blame.

Low-quality materials are used to make mass-produced, discount shoes. As a result, sweat quickly builds inside these kinds of shoes, even in the absence of outside heat. Unfortunately it takes a surprisingly long time for the wearer to notice this sweating—it is usually already too late, when his socks are soaked. He is now stuck with stinking, sweaty feet. Low-quality shoes usually feature uppers and linings that are completely sealed with adhesives, which effectively renders their breathability null. Sometimes they feature an additional interlining, which traps even more moisture and therefore results even more quickly in sweaty feet.

Goodyear-welted men's shoes help prevent sweaty feet

High-quality, Goodyear-welted shoes can prevent sweaty feet. These kinds of shoes are made of leather, a natural material that is breathable, flexible, resistant to tearing and abrasion, heat insulating, and supple. Leather is highly robust, resulting in durable shoes that boast a comfortable feeling and an elegant appearance. When the wearer takes them off at the end of a long day, they will still smell like fresh leather. Proper, regular shoe care maintains the appearance of your premium shoes and preserves their fresh and natural scent—wet, stinking, sweaty feet become a thing of the past. At the same time, wearing these kinds of shoes minimises the risk of contracting athlete's foot and toenail fungus, since these fungi thrive in warm and moist environments. Goodyear-welted men's shoes do not give these infections any chance to spread.

Further consequences of low-quality footwear

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