Box calf is the leather used to make most quality shoes


Most high-quality men's shoes are made using leather taken from the hides of calves. This kind of leather is distinguished by its pliability and grain.


Box calf is a type of leather taken from calves. The grand majority of quality-mens-shoes are made from this kind of leather. Although box calf has a pliable feel, it is firm in consistency. Its grain side is embossed with an extraordinarily fine grain pattern that is beautiful to behold.

Box calf is chrome-tanned, and is either fully-dyed or merely primed. It is 1 to 1.2 millimetres thick, and an average cut covers a surface of 1 to 1.5 square metres. A single cut of box calf leather can yield uppers for up to 3 pairs of shoes, provided that the models in question require a relatively small amount of leather, such as Derby shoes.

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