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While the footwear industry generally continues to resist a "Made in the EU" credential, we can't help but recognize, with designs from Berlin, leathers from France and Germany, manufacturing in Spain, Portugal, and Italy, distribution and logistics in Germany – our shoes are 100 percent made in Europe.


The designs of our shoes originate in our company headquarters in Berlin. Our experienced product team successfully strikes a balance between classical styles from throughout footwear history and modern cuts that keep their finger on the pulse of our time. Whether it's plant-based uppers, organic cotton laces, or soles with a high algae content, our product team also stays on top of market opportunities when it comes to the materials that make our footwear dreams come true.


The exact origins of our leathers and the production processes they go through are important to us. Maximizing profits by exploiting people and the environment is not the right way for us – sustainability is what counts!

Our leathers come from Germany and France, where the hides of native animals are carefully tanned in accordance with the strictest ecological guidelines.


Since 2010, we have relied on the expertise of shoemakers from Almansa, in Spain, for our Goodyear-welted shoes. This small town, located between Albacete and Valencia, boasts a shoe-making tradition that can be traced back more than 300 years and has become the unofficial shoe capital of Spain over the years.

Our relationship with the local people has grown over the years. Together, we have forged ahead and explored the technical boundaries of shoemaking. Nowadays, the models we present under our in-house Henry Stevens brand are probably the best Goodyear-welted shoes on the market.

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