Belts and shoes need to be colour-coordinated


It takes a good eye to accessorize men’s shoes with belts, socks, and gloves. It’s easy to commit a faux pas, but it’s also easy to avoid doing so.

What should be taken into consideration when pairing shoes with belts, and what’s the perfect trouser length? Combining shoes with other items of clothing calls for a keen eye.

Retailers usually offer belts made from the same leather as shoes

For example: if you’re wearing men’s shoes with a gold- or silver-coloured zipper or buckle closure, you should take care that the buckle of the belt you pair them with is made of the same colour metal as that on the shoes. When these clash, it’s very noticeable.

One’s belt and one’s shoes should always match in colour. Retailers typically offer belts made out of the same kinds of leather and in the exact same colours as the shoes they have on offer. Should the weather call for gloves, these should be chosen to match one’s shoes in colour.


Ankle socks are an excellent match for short trousers

Care should also be taken to choose the appropriate trouser length. Larger men and men with large feet should opt for wide-leg trousers, since these don’t emphasize shoe size. Generally speaking, the trouser leg should be just wide enough to leave the front portion of the lacing free. Ideally, the back of the trouser leg ends directly above the heel; however, it can extend as far down as the middle of the heel.

As the gaze travels down the leg, it’s drawn to the dress socks. As a general rule, dress socks should always be worn with closed-toe shoes. This is largely for hygienic reasons and not for aesthetic ones—although bare feet in a derby or an oxford do look absurd. Without a dress sock, the foot will quickly begin to perspire, and in turn the shoes will quickly absorb the perspiration. If one absolutely must go barefoot, it’s best to do so in sandals (which should never, ever be paired with white socks), or, for a short time only, in loafers or moccasins. Those who’d like to wear closed shoes with short trousers should opt for ankle socks. Since, as their name indicates, they end at the ankle, they (ideally) aren’t visible outside of the shoe.

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