Leather soles are great for the office

Ledersohle vs. Gummisohle

Leather soles provide comfort in the office. However, shoes with extravagant uppers shouldn’t be worn to work.

Leather soles are an office standby. They allow the wearer to glide over carpeted floors and boast high breathability to boot. Moreover, they’re highly conductive, which means that the wearer won’t get static electricity shocks when touching door handles; those who often wear shoes with rubber soles will recognize the value in this. Shoes with rubber soles should mainly be worn out on the street or during adverse weather conditions.

Men’s shoes with smooth uppers are suitable for all settings

Men’s shoes with smooth uppers are suitable for all settings, including the workplace. The only types of leather that may seem out of place in the office (depending upon where the wearer sits on the office totem pole) are exotic varieties, such as crocodile or ostrich. On the other hand, scotch and French grain leather are too rough and rustic for the office—shoes made out of these types of leather rarely go well with a suit. However, they’re a great choice for leisure activities, particularly when paired with tweed or corduroy. The same is true of shoes made of rough velours: an absolute no-go in the office, they add the perfect touch to leisurewear.

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